The Baked Figs with Bacon, Blue Cheese and Roasted Nuts Recipe

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Figs are sweet and luscious and can be used in the preparation of delicious delicacies, not just wines. The blend of baked figs with a crispy salty bacon, crunchy nuts, and blue cheese make a heavenly tasting meal that is out of this world. The dish is not only packed with flavor and lotta punch but is also easy to prepare. This brief overview looks into how you can prepare this delicious recipe and treat your friends and family to a tasty meal. You should refer this air fryer reviews kitchen blog to get the right air fryer for your home.

Baked Figs with Bacon, Blue Cheese, Roasted Nuts

Serves -4 people

Total Time- 30 minutes


· 8 fresh figs nicely cut in two halves lengthwise

· 4 slices of properly cooked bacon, nicely cut into small pieces

· 3-4 ounces of blue cheese or even goat cheese softened and crumbled

· 2 Tablespoons of finely chopped roast nuts. You can use walnuts, pecans or hazelnuts

· 2 Tablespoons of honey

· Grilled or toasted bread to be served with the baked figs


· Start by overheating the oven to about 350 degrees F.

· Proceed to line a sheet pan with a clean parchment paper. Ensure all the figs sit well and if some do not sit well, make some small cuts across the bottom part of the figs to ensure it will sit flat when toppings are added.

· Continue to top the figs with bacon and crumbled cheese. Press all nuts into the cheese to ensure they do not fall off from the cheese. Ensure the mixture is intact with all ingredients nicely pressed together.

· The next step is to bake your figs for a period of about 10-15 minutes. Bake them until they are soft and have the desired texture. All the cheese should be melted away. Remove the figs from the oven and drizzle some honey over the baked contents. You will notice that the Melted cheese pairs beautifully your baked figs. Walnuts add a beautiful flavor to the dish.

· Proceed to make four servings of the figs on your plates. Eat them when they are still warm. You can serve the dish as an appetizer or along with toasted bread with the accompaniment of a glass of wine you prefer.


One of the best things about this recipe is that you can add as much bacon or cheese as you like. You can simply press the bacon and cheese down to the center of the fig then add more toppings. Also, you can scoop a significant amount from the fig center to make space for more toppings. However, if you are using delicious fruits it is better to push the filling down into the figs and enjoy. If you are using table salt, ensure you use a very small amount for best results.

Make an informed decision to treat your friends or family to a Baked Figs with Bacon, Blue Cheese, Roasted Nuts meal and let them enjoy the most delicious meal of their life. The dish is tasty and unique. It is also extremely easy to prepare as it does not require a huge list of ingredients.

11 Food Blogs With Really Cleverest Names

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There are so many food blogs out there today, all of them with different names and identities but you may notice some are superior that others. As you know that anybody with a kitchen, a camera and a primary knowledge about WordPress or any blogging site can directly start food blogs. The hardest thing to do is to come out with a name that will attract many readers. Generally, it should be appealing and paramount. Everything must be in the name, just fitting but respect enough to make us rehearse it .with regard here is the 11 Food Blogs with The Cleverest Names.

1. 101 Cookbooks

A formula diary by Heidi Swanson. She focuses on vegan, entire foods in her blogs and cookbooks — and takes astounding photographs.

2. Simply Recipes

Elise Bauer blogs about the recipes she and her family make on Simply Recipes. This is a standout amongst the most famous food blogs with more than 200,000 readers every day.

3. Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen is prevalent food blog that elements crisp vegan and non-veggie lover foods, and also sweets. The site composes its recipes via season, and in addition ingredients

4. Lucid Food

Louisa is a cookbook writer, formula designer, and cooking teacher. She adores beautiful, solid, and exotic foods.

5. David Levitz

David Levitz lives in Paris, France and blogs about the food he makes (frequently cakes) and eats. He is known for working with Alice Waters at Chez Pansies in Berkley, CA.

6. Lottie and Door

Tim began the blog in 2008 out of an enthusiasm for food, facilitating suppers, and food governmental issues. Presently Tim identifies himself as a food author, formula designer, and infrequent picture taker. He composes from Chicago.

7. My New Roots

Sarah Britton is an all-encompassing nutritionist and veggie lover culinary expert. Sarah gives delectable recipes, as well as an abundance of sustenance data.

8. Joy the Baker

Delight writes and posts a fantastically fun food blog from L.A. A large number of her recipes are prepared products, but not all. Satisfaction says in her blog “I truly like chocolate… and treats… furthermore, anything with “cake” in the title… and loco things like Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies.”.

9. Chocolate and Zucchini

Coiled Dusoulier composes Chocolate and Zucchini from France. Her recipes concentrate on sound, nearby, occasional foods, and also anything chocolate.

10. Everybody Likes Sandwiches

Everybody Likes Sandwiches is an “uncomplicated diary about food… not simply sandwiches”. The recipes on the blog are clear and new. An awesome asset for looking into recipes to make on a weeknight.

11. Pressuring Cooker

Pressuring Cooker focuses on a popular and new sans gluten recipes. The blogger, Erin, was determined to have Celiac Disease various years before and after that found that her children were gluten narrow-minded. You can find the best pressure cooker reviews here.

Last note

The above randomly selected names of 11 Food Blogs With The Cleverest Names are just a beginning to give you a blueprint on what your names should look like with the end goal for more traffic and benefit from the blogging effort.start your food blogging today straight way from just the name.



As long as we embrace our normal texture is the more we discover that natural and organic hair products work best. There are several ingredients available naturally that can be utilized as a part of hair products. Sound ingredients aren’t for the textured hair alone! These ingredients perform to make everyone’s hair more advantageous. The following is a rundown of ten well-known natural hair growth products and ingredients to look for and what they offer to our natural hair.


1. Shea Butter

Shea butter gives the surface of oil on the top surface of a natural hair strand thus minimizing the measure of moisture.


2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is contained in almost all natural hair products. Coconut oil is responsible for quality and shining hair making the most famous natural hair product ingredients. Coconut oil can likewise be utilized as thicker textured hair conditioner.


3. Aloe Vera

This ingredient can be applied to boost hair growth, control hair loss and solve scalp related issues as it contains necessary protein that stimulates the growth of hair follicle.

4. Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable glycerine likewise makes a surface of oil on top the hair strand thus acting as moisture retention to the hair.

5. Jojoba Extract

Jojoba is another humectant ideal for injuries. Since it is fundamentally same as your normal hair oils, this oil can be utilized to adjust oil creation at the scalp, supporting overproducing organs that bring about sleek hair. Jojoba is additionally non-oily and will offer your hair a sound, normal shining.

6. Virgin Olive Oil

This is an ingredient that softens the natural hair. The “additional virgin” on a name implies it was delivered utilizing just physical mechanisms and has no concoction treatment to adjust it. Apply it as a brisk pre-cleanser or a profound conditioner.

7. Castor Seed Oil

In addition to the fact that this is vegetable oil a humectant, castor oil likewise has against parasitic properties. This will guarantee a spotless scalp, with the natural hair follicles arranged for better hair development. Some use it to the sanctuaries to build the thickness of diminishing edges.

8. Nectar

Nectar is a light humectant that likewise has antibacterial properties. Look at Orin Handmade items! They utilize huge amounts of yen (the Yoruba word for “nectar”) in their sweet hair treats.

9. Avocado Oil

several natural hair ;products use avocado since it’s stuffed with vitamins E,D and A. Additionally it have more potassium than what bananas are. Effectively consumed into the skin, avocado oil is a fast approach to get different supplements onto your scalp for enhanced hair development.

10. Tea Oil

With intense clean, antibacterial and hostile to contagious properties, tea oil is a relieving solution for a drying scalp. It is among key (concentrated) oil, thus, the small application of it works for the longer period. Over-utilization of an intense tea oil may really bring about irritation.


The above listed natural hair ingredients are common and can be obtained or purchased anywhere worldwide and when used with care can be the best hair straightener to natural hair.







Beauty Care

In the case at any point you washed your hair and just leave it the way it is neither utilizing the best hair straightener nor applied styling products to your hair you have the idea whether it worked or not. If at any point you haven’t tried the case and you think if it will work or not the way am thinking is article then try to explore t.

It is true that we invest a considerable measure of energy and resources simply taking care of our hair. From conditioning to cleaning as well as styling keeping in mind some may deal with only maybe a couple of items to do so, by far most of us are over-burdening our hair. If you are thinking over the same, here are the 5 reasons to try naked hair today which might be an incredible approach to not just see your hair surprisingly natural but to truly understand what it needs.



You can leave your hair naked as one of the approaches to figure out how it feels and looks like when not washed with the best hair straightener, conditioned or tried. This can also help you check the texture of your hair as by leaving your hair naked you will have the capacity to see and feel your hair in its natural state. Furthermore, by noting the texture status of your hair it will be easy for you on deciding which best hair straightener to apply and at what time that will work effectively.



Leaving your hair naked in another way is a break to your hair as Sometimes we have to reboot from school, work, or even family and that goes twofold for our hair. You don’t need to apply hair products daily. Giving your hair a break from daily hair product application is a decent reboot to your scalp and hair.



In our life at a time, we experience hair related issues like scalp irritation, dry hair, or even oiliness. There is no better approach to figure out what is happening than by not any products to hair and see what is bringing about the issue. You can begin with naked hair and introduce hair products one at a time, whether be it a style or conditioner, to perceive how each works with your hair.



Some individuals like naked hair, thus you can leave your hair naked just to enjoy it look than applying hair products that will change the natural look of your hair.



You may decide to leave your hair naked just to give room for testing of different brands and types of hair products their effect and strength on your hair. This is done by singularly applying one hair products at a time and see it effect after which the hair is again left naked for another hair product testing.



As discussed above there are several reasons why you ought to leave

Your hair naked ,just decide on one If need be. Make yourself straight hair styles using best hair straightener.



Nature has its own remedies for everything health-related, and in each of nature’s bountiful gifts are even more bountiful benefits. Among those great blessings nature has bestowed un us is the almond and its extracts. While the amazing benefits of almond oil for hair and skin are many, there are some that are worth special mentioning.
The following is a guide to just some of those great and noteworthy benefits, so read on to find out more.

Total Skin Care
One great application of almond oil on the skin is as a great moisturizer. Almond oil does a great job trapping much needed moisture for your skin so it looks and feels healthy. And thanks to its vitamins A, B, and E, it does so without blocking the pores and while improving absorption.
Another great feature of almond oil is its skin-soothing attributes. Thanks to its moisturizing effect, this natural remedy not only soothes any inflammation or discomfort on the skin, but also helps cure several skin diseases, including eczema and psoriasis. Its hypoallergenic trait also ensures that it will not cause any irritating sensations or allergic reactions by using it.
Almond oil has proved itself as a great solution to those dark circles that pop up for some around the eyes. As the saying goes – ounce of prevention, pound of cure. Applying some almond oil under the eyes will help prevent this rather unpleasant phenomenon from occurring in the first place. Thanks to the vitamin E found in the oil, your skin will lighten up and any wrinkles will probably fade away.
And speaking of wrinkles, almond oil helps keep your skin looking more youthful when applied regularly, thanks to its vitamins and moisturizing wrinkle-reversing traits.

Great Hair Care
Almond oil also does wonders for the scalp and hair. Even the slightest of hair problems – split ends – can be controlled by applying some almond oil. An almond oil mixture with castor and olive oil, applied a few times per week, nourish the hair with plenty of beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients.
It has also been said that almond oil, thanks to its high content of magnesium, can help prevent or limit hair loss. This is achieved by applying the oil so that it reaches the scalp.
Thanks to its ability to clear out dead cells and provide moisture to the skin, almond oil does a great job at curing dandruff. And it can also soothe any inflammations in the scalp, as well.
This great natural remedy’s moisturizing attributes and its vitamin E content also provide hair with plenty of shine and great conditioning, and is also probably nature’s best hair straightener.

Whatever skin or hair care product you’re looking for, and for whatever reason, almond oil is certainly a natural choice worth considering. Apart from the benefits of using a natural remedy, almond oil has been tried and tested for centuries and has proven it worth to the extent that it is found in many of today’s great hair and body care products. This is a natural remedy that should be in every home. Find more about best hair straightener here for the straight and silky hair style.